Top Gun Maverick Tom Cruise Bomber Green Flight Jacket

Who wouldn’t want to become irresistible right? Well, this is YOUR chance to turn your personality into a magnet. The amazing stylish green jacket on display can not only make you irresistible but also a natural crowd puller and life of the party because the high-end, classy jacket was worn by none other than the Hollywood sensation Tom Cruise himself. The cozy and stylish symbol of fashion for men, the Top Gun 2 jacket, was donned by the stunning Tom Cruise in his insanely famous action thriller film series of yesteryear, Top Gun. The film was released back in 1986, based on an article of the same name. Being an outright success the thriller film marked a turning point in the history of Hollywood introducing charm, humor, and action as part and parcel of a military-themed movie. The sequel came out in 2022. Yes, over three decades after the first chapter – and it broke all records once again, turning out to be a major success. Now, coming back to the jacket. It’s something that can change your entire look. It will make you look like a tough macho man that will scare the crap out of creeps around. With this jacket, you’ll attract those matching your spirit and send out vibes that will make people fall in love with YOU. The icon of style, Top Gun Green Bomber Jacket, is available in cotton, faux and real leather. Further, there’s an inner viscose lining and the collar is shirt styled. There are some eye-catching military logos on the front and the jacket is elegant green. The crisp, brisk jacket is all you need to lift your esteem and image this winter and become the best version of yourself. Order right away


XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, Custom


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